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March 27, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Palette, print, and pattern are key components to any collection, but in Folk Foray, they are the heartbeat, the lifeblood.

The vibrance of the color, the scale of the print, the collaboration of cultures culminating in the embroidery – it’s all integral to embodying the essence of a foray through a fancy flea market. This collection showcases aesthetic inspiration from all over the world, from the huipil-style embroidery of Old and New Mexico, to the simplified floral shapes of Eastern Europe, to the chic shisha mirrors of East India, with of course, some classic southwestern spin.

These elements are so important to this style story that we utilized them to help tell the story; we scaled them way up and printed them on a floor-to-ceiling scrim that served as a backdrop for much of the editorial imagery for the collection.

“We kind of laughed when we were planning out this photoshoot,” Cheryl said. “We knew we were planning to use a lot of vibrant solid backgrounds – walls, doors, etc. – that complemented the collection and some of the signature colors. But we couldn’t do the whole catalog that way, it would get visually boring; at the same time, we’re cognizant that in an image, you don’t want things to interfere with each other, and the clothing should always be the star. So, what kind of print/backdrop could we use that’s not going to conflict with or clash with the bold patterns of the collection? Aha!-moment: Use what’s inthe collection! And it was perfect and fun and a little bit ‘much’, which is basically the personality of Folk Foray in a nutshell.”

Perhaps the defining thing about Folk Foray is that it can’t be defined. It’s not Mexican, it’s not European, it’s not Indian. It’s not any one thing.

“The Nina pieces are inspired by Olinalas and luminarias, whereas the Festival of Colors and the Alycia have a strong India inspiration,” Cheryl explained. “And the Justyna really channels an Eastern European aesthetic. So, you really can’t put Folk Foray in a singular category, it doesn’t fit in any one box. And that’s the best thing about it, if you ask me. Well, that, and all the color.”

It’s bright and it’s bold. It’s unforgettable. It envelopes places we’ve been and styles we’ve studied, and Folk Foray makes an impression that is impossible to ignore.

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

March 28, 2022

Love love love this!!! Bestest collection for me!!!

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