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March 27, 2022 3 min read

Over the years, we’ve asked Lisa Martensen (our longtime friend and stylist extraordinaire) to create a wide variety of looks, from channeling Veruschka von Lehndorff to Dolly Parton, but for this collection, we only gave her one word of directive: COLOR. And boy, oh boy, did she deliver! 

Usually, our hair and makeup tutorials are so you can recreate the look. We don’t anticipate we’ll see quite as many of you rocking blue eyebrows, but hey, maybe we will! Either way, it’s interesting to read Lisa’s tips and techniques for how she brought this edgy, vibrant look to life.

FACE: Estée Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue

“I went full coverage with the foundation for the look. I knew I was going to go bold and vibrant and extreme with the colors. I wanted to have a uniform blank canvas so that the colors were crisp and popped. In a lot of the looks I do for DDR, I tend to try to keep the foundation lighter, more transparent, and let their natural features shine through, but using so many colors and in such unconventional ways is tricky, and the full-coverage on the face made it couture rather than clown.”

EYES/BROWS: NARS Persepolis Duo (mint green), ViseArt VPE08 Editorial Brights

“The name of the game here is pigment. All of the colors in the Folk Foray collection are very saturated and intense, I wanted to match that intensity on the eyes. I did use that mint green from the NARS palette on the lids of both girls, but really you could get away with recreating this entire look with the ViseArt palette, that’s your star. Obviously, the most unconventional and unique thing I did with this look was coloring the brows – y’all know how much I love a bold brow! I tend to always go with a powder on the brow, even when I’m doing a natural look, so I just used that same technique but with the navy on Lozzy and purple on Kaylin. For the eye, I did a trio of colors on each girl, one shade on the lid, one underneath in kind of a upside-down cateye wing swipe, and then a third shade on the inner corner of the eye. For Kaylin, mint green, purple, and yellow; for Lozzy, mint green, purple, and pink. And per usual, skip the mascara.” 

LISA’S PRO TIP: Prep the eyes with ViseArt all white shadow before applying your color, it will help you achieve a smoother, cleaner application.

CHEEK: Bobbi Brown Blush – Pretty Pink

“I used the same shade on both girls, just a classic soft pink. It complements the hues on their eyes without being too harsh or again, clown-like. Just a pretty, subtle swipe to the cheeks. It balances out the face with just a little hint of flirty femininity.”

LIPS: Make Up Forever Lipstick – Watermelon N41 on Kaylin, Purple N28 on Lozzie

“Again, pigment is important with the lip for this look, which I can always count on from the Make Up Forever lipsticks. If you follow a lot of these tutorials, you know that I don’t often do a bold eye and a strong lip in the same look, but it was key here. And I chose colors I don’t often put on either of these girls – kind of a bright poppy orange on Kaylin, and a deep rich orchid shade on Lozzy. I just wanted everything to POP!”

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