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by Halley Sanford April 03, 2022 2 min read

If you’re just now jumping on the shortie boot bandwagon, get excited, because your summer is about to get a whole lot cooler! Literally and figuratively. 

“You can’t go wrong with western boots,” said Cheryl. “You really can’t. But these little booties provide a stylish solution to two, not problems per se, but a couple of things that may be reasons that a gal would be reluctant towards a traditional cowboy boot. One of those is that it absolutely does not matter what size you are from knee to ankle; you don’t have to have Lozzie-long legs and you can have hearty calves, and a shortie boot is still going to work for you. The other one is, sweat! My South Texas girls know what I’m talking about. I absolutely love the look of a tall boot with a sundress or shorts, but on those sweltering summer days, sometimes you’d just rather be bare-legged. A shortie boot allows you to feel the breeze.”

We first introduced the Mexicali boot in Wild Horses in a colorway that encompassed that soft green and the saturated oranges that complemented the collection. The Folk Foray version is exactly what you might expect: colorful vibrant florals against crisp black and weathered white.

“The inspiration was Olinala boxes,” Cheryl explained. “That’s where the colorway comes in, because you know, Olinalas are traditionally black, so that was my grounding color. You really don’t see much brown in Folk Foray, it’s all the blacks and whites and brights that you see in this shortie boot. And then, of course, that’s where the aesthetic inspiration originated for choosing that style of flower embroidery as well. The studding gives it a little texture and dimension, and then I think what really makes this pair of shorties pop is that hot pink leather contrast and lacing.”

What are our tips for wearing & pairing?

“Oh man, I don’t know if I can narrow it down, really, they go with everything in this collection,” Cheryl laughed. “I love them with the Come Away Dress, I think that’s a gorgeous way to add a pop of personality to that kind of monochrome, romantic silhouette. I love them with cutoffs, I think we had them with cutoffs and the Bonita Blanca Poncho on Kaylin, and I like that contrast of stripes and florals all working with the same color, and both kinda bringing that Mexico vibe, and obviously, same goes for the Bonita Blanca Dress. Shorts, sundresses, I even really like them with a simple skinny tucked in, I think that’s a chic, bold look, especially when you tie it all together with the Nina Jacket like you see on Kaylin. Anything in the Nina print works well with them. See, I told you I couldn’t narrow it down!”

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