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January 30, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

After two-ish very weird years of nowhere to go and nothing to wear – or at least not really any reason to get dressed – we’re all about looking to the year ahead and what we can expect in terms of fashion. And 2022 is speaking our language!


“The colors you’re going to see this year are going to be bold in a whole new way,” explained Cheryl. “Everything is saturated, strong, rich. Nothing is muted or pale. It’s bold blood-orange, vibrant turquoise, even the softer green shades will be strong, if that makes sense. Really the most accurate way to describe it is saturated, envision all the pigment you can possibly put in a garment. That’s what you can expect to see this year.”


“Life imitates art, they say,” Cheryl laughed. “Yellowstone has definitely had a profound influence on the fashion landscape the last few years. A lot of people who never fancied themselves as cowboys or ‘the western type’ are seeing and appreciating the subtleties of an outlaw influence on your outfit. A little more leather, some fringe, studding – that romanticized ruggedness that really embodies western.”


“Horses, horseshoes, all things western – the whole motif,” Cheryl said. “Western is having a moment. Which we’re loving, of course, because that’s right in our wheelhouse. I was already concepting Wild Horses when I read that trend report, so that was really just a happy coincidence, but it will be exciting to see how the whole motif manifests in main-stream fashion. Peggy Judy’s artwork – the running horses, Ol’ Salty – is perfect, and I think it really elevates the aesthetic.”


“Everything is going a little luxe, it seems,” said Cheryl. “It’s not really something new for us, but it is something you’ll be seeing more of across the board. Velvets, suedes, leather, even the denims. The whole industry is pivoting toward ‘sustainable’, things that last, so the fabrics are getting a little more durable. It’s really a win-win for everyone.”

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

February 01, 2022

Just love the COLOURS!! The theme is quite new to me, as I live in a big city in South Africa, but what is not to love💙

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