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January 30, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

How do you make rugged, wild, and free look polished and pretty? Style guru Lisa Martensen shares her tips for getting Wild Horses-ready.

“Wild Horses was all about the eyes,” explained Lisa. “Which makes sense, right? Wild Horses was all about a feeling, a vibe, freedom and intensity, so a good smoldering, smoky eye was the best way to convey that aesthetically.”


“Let your skin shine through! This is Wild Horses, put on a tinted moisturizer with a good sunscreen or something lightweight. This is not the look for a full, heavy foundation. You want to be more fresh.”


“Always always always fill in the brow with some eye shadow. It makes such a subtle but strong difference in your overall look and shadow is the secret to not making it look overdone.”


“Like I said, the eye was the emphasis for me for this look. I used a tawney bronze shadow, on the lid blended outward and softly under the eye as well, for that smoky effect. I rimmed the lid with ScandalEyes 003 eye pencil and then emphasized the eye with a stroke of Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner in matte black on the top lid. And again, no mascara.”


“No blush, only bronzer. Sun-kissed, like you’ve been out on the range. Do it along your cheeks and then a tiny hint of it along your hairline. But be careful with it, you want to look sun-kissed, not dirty.”


“I started by lining the lip with a Charlotte Tilbury ‘Iconic Nude’ lip pencil and then blended that and/or topped it off with Maybelline Lip Lifter Gloss (002 Ice). The lip should have a slight tint to it, a shade or two off your natural lip, but still not detract from the focal point of the look, which is the smoky eye.”

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

February 01, 2022

Intersting advice, wonder if it will work on an older woman?

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