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February 06, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

We became so enamored with the horses during our photo shoot, we thought it might be fun to share more pics and a little info about some of these captivating creatures throughout the Wild Horses collection.


Hondo as a young colt alongside his mother, Anu. Photograph by: Marty Wright, Wild Horses Carry Me Away

Say hello to Hondo! This handsome boy just celebrated his 3rd birthday on January 7th, and he also made his modeling debut in the Wild Horses catalog, along with his half-brother, Echo, who you met last week. Hondo and Echo were born into the same natal band, though have different dams; Hondo is pictured as a young colt alongside his mother, Anu. Sadly, Hondo was orphaned around nine months old and was ejected from the band by the band stallion. Not quite old enough to join up with the big boys in the bachelor band, he was observed for a trial period before being placed in rescue. Incidentally, he was reunited with his Echo, and they now live together alongside two other rescued mustangs, two donkeys, and occasional foster equines.

Hondo photographed today and featured in the current collection, Wild Horses.

Please check out to learn more about the mission and efforts of the Wild Horse Preservation League and join us in contributing to the cause.

1 Response

Marty Wright
Marty Wright

February 14, 2022

Thank you so much for your support, and for featuring Anu & Hondo!
Marty Wright, Director
Wild Horse Preservation League

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