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March 08, 2024 1 min read

Texture meets technique in one unforgettable, irresistible head-turning halter. Channeling strong ‘70s retro vibes and the colors of a canyon sunset, each top is handcrafted entirely of wooden beads by artisans we met in our adventures abroad last summer.

“At least once in your lifetime, you find a piece so unique and so magnificent, that even if it is entirely impractical, you simply have to have it,” Cheryl laughed. “This, admittedly, might be one of those pieces. And let me tell ya, that feeling goes all the way to the top – I felt the same way about it, I could NOT resist putting it into production, even at the risk that no one would ever buy it. I mean, it’s a wooden halter top. When you say it out loud, it sounds bananas, but when you see it executed, oh my gosh. It’s incredible. And here’s the thing, maybe you wear it five times in your life, you know, but everyone you encounter on those five occasions, will never forget it.”

The extremely limited-edition creations will only be owned by a handful of DDR enthusiasts, making them as covetable and collectible as they are cool.

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