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March 08, 2024 2 min read

When it comes to Double D, the difference really is in the details. (Just ask Hedy!) This season’s Gift of The Anasazi garments are bringing the DDR dedication-to-detail to life by channeling a familiar aesthetic executed in a remarkable new way.

“On Anasazi pottery you’ll see all of these little lines, that’s kind of what we mimicked here and why we named these pieces that,” Cheryl explained. “One of the techniques we saw a lot of last summer when we were visiting factories, we saw then doing a lot of leather manipulation, whether it be woven or braided or different things like that. So I came back home and I thought, ‘how do we incorporate that into what we’re doing?’ We came in here and we’re doing this Anasazi design, kind of this rug or pottery design, in leather, manipulating those colors. We did it in this fabulous little halter vest and in a classic leather jacket.”

The garments are crafted in a supple sheepskin, in a soft khaki hue that serves as a beautiful canvas to showcase the colorful leather designs, punctuated by chic silver-metallic studding, and Hedy’s favorite part…

“This is ruched leather, and it’s just so cool,” Hedy chimed in. “It’s one of those details you’re not going to find on anyone else’s stuff. I mean, I’m not gonna bash anybody else’s stuff, but this is what’s nice about Double D, is these little ‘Where’s Waldo’ details. You have to look a little more closely to see them, but they make all the difference.”

She may be a little bit salty in her delivery sometimes, but she’s not wrong! Take a good look at this beauty up close if you get the chance, and you’ll really appreciate the skill and intricacy required to create this unique embellishment.

The top is a true halter, complete with waist-wrap ties, which can be worn as a sexy-chic piece on its own if you’re feeling saucy, or can work in an elegant-edgy vest way over a blouse. The jacket is a classic straight-line silhouette with a sleek zip front and flattering dipped waist – a timeless collector.

“This is taken off our original Anasazi Jacket back from, I think, 2000ish,” Audrey added. “So this is going to be a classic, I love it.”

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