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December 04, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

We certainly are! Holiday collections are always one of our favorites each year; there’s a sense of glamor and joy and celebration built in that is so easy to get excited about. Plus, these collections tend to have an element of glitz and sparkle – and Little Mary is no exception.

This collection, the final of our 2022 Scrapbooks, is an homage to our maternal great-grandmother (Margie’s granny), Little Mary. Her life was certainly not what you’d consider glitzy or glamorous, she grew up in a log cabin essentially raising her younger brothers, but she maintained a femininity and early Texas charm that translates to this collection – even if we dressed it up a little. You can expect wintery hues – soft blues and foresty greens, a wide range of embroidery from adorably primitive to intricately elaborate, lace you’re going to fall in love with, and sequins and shimmer where you least expect it. Oh, and you horse gals are going to love the pieces paying tribute to Little Mary’s horse, Old Billy.

EASTER EGG: In Little Mary, Cheryl reveals where her obsession with collecting originated, and one of the first things that fascinated her. As a fun gift for our loyal and avid Double Dose readers, simply by reading this, you get an insider invitation to sneak peek her own personal collection of Victorian shell valentines that she’s sharing with our audience. They’re vintage, one-of-a-kind conversational collectibles and super-affordable – they would make a cool, thoughtful gift or just a fun piece of the DDR/McMullen story for you to own. Shop them before they’re announced to the public in the launch! 

Join us on Facebook on Tuesday, December 6th at 7:30p.m. CST for a line presentation of the Little Mary collection with the McMullen sisters – and a few special guests you might recognize! You’ll get to learn all about the inspiration behind the pieces, see it styled on some of our DDR darlings, and perhaps best of all – laugh along as the sisters regale you with the origin story of Little Mary. And of course, everyone’s favorite part: GIVEAWAYS! Remember to RSVP to the Facebook event to be entered in the drawing to win all sorts of Double D goodies and make sure you tune in because you MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! See y’all then!

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Pamela varnon
Pamela varnon

December 04, 2022

Love the blue fur hat abd cuffs please let me know about them

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