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October 11, 2020 2 min read

Welcome to Nashville!

More than a place, Nashville was a notion. It was the epicenter of a certain sound and style. It was somewhere people chased dreams and skyrocketed to success. It was aspirational, even for us, who wanted to be nowhere near the stage.

We’re in it for the outfits.

“We spent hours upon hours at our grandparents’ house watching these performers,” recalls Cheryl McMullen, Creative Director for Double D Ranch. “And while we would sing along, that was never what enthralled me. I was there for the outfits. I wanted to know what the stars were wearing. I don’t know that I was really aware of it at the time, but I was studying silhouettes and different fits and embellishments. I was admiring it, but I was also absorbing it.”

These were our heroes, our idols. They were country, like us, but glamorous, veryunlike us; they made an impression on us, the way superstars tend to do. So, despite the fact that Cheryl designed this collection having never even visited Nashville yet, that mythical musical town and everything we imagined it to be, was an influence strong enough to belong among our 30th Anniversary collections in ‘I Go Back’.

The Nashville collection is strong, sassy, and a little bit sexy. It’s rockabilly glam. It channels some of the edgier characters in country music, like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. It features bold blacks and bright reds, luxe velvets and racy lace, a Wanda Jackson-inspired fringed dress, and possibly some of the most badass boots we’ve ever designed.

Nashville is for outfitting your inner rock star. Dress for the stage, even if you only sing in the shower.

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