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November 12, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Out of all the accessories, pins are arguably the most versatile. They can liven up your lapel, they can add a little razzle dazzle to your bag, they can secure your scarf, and our most recent obsession: giving a pop of personality to your hat!

“That’s the great thing about pins,” Cheryl explained. “They’re personal. They can be expressive of your own personality, represent something you love, or just be a hidden gem – a little Easter egg – to your outfit. My sisters and I joke that they’re our ‘pieces of flair’ which is a joke from Office Space, but it really is kind of true because you can wear one or you can wear fifteen. You can wear a statement cluster brooch or an actual cluster of little pins, like these bitty bugs! They’re dainty and petite and just so cute, and my favorite part is that the place where I found them had this cute little poem on an old weathered card alongside them – he wouldn’t let me buy it, but he did let me take a picture of it.”

Said Papa Bug to Mamma Bug, “Let’s hitch ourselves a ride,
We’ll pick ourselves a lady fair and walk up side by side,
And ask her if she wouldn’t like to wear us on her dress,
And show us all around the town, I’m sure that she’ll say yes.”
Said Mamma Bug to Papa Bug, “I think that would be fun,
And she’ll agree that two such bugs are smarter than one.”
Then up spoke little Baby Bug, “You’d better make it three,
For I don’t want to stay at home, so please make room for me.”
So here they are, three silver bugs, to travel quite inclined,
Fat Papa Bug, sweet Mamma Bug, cute Baby Bug behind.

– Kay Bischoff

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November 28, 2022

Wowsa! Cute but inflation must have hit these bugs!

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