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May 01, 2023 2 min read

The name of the game this season is shimmer and shine – or as the sisters kept reminding us during the live launch – “hashtag shine”. And we’re talking all the way to the tip of your toes! We’re bringing the galactic glam in some cosmic kicks to complement the Throwback to the Future collection – and beyond!

LUNA BOOT (in Silver, Turquoise)

Talk about a show-stoppin’ shortie! These metallic beauties have that electric vibe that’s certain to rock your world.


These are definitely #SuperstarStatus. What is it about metallic leather that is just so bad*ss?! We can’t get enough, and these shortie boots not only have two-tone metallic, but are inlaid with rich red celestial symbols. Absolute must-haves.

But it’s not all just sparkle and #shine, we’re also bringing you a whole bevvy of boots in rich red-white-and-blues that are perfect for pairing with this collection’s patriotic palette.


Kicks with a kick! The blue colorway of this fun boot brings Americana with a little attitude.


Pick up a pair of these sexy statement-makers in red and you’ll be sizzlin’ all summer long!


Hello, Miss America! Slip on these star-spangled kicks and you’ll be the hottest little firecracker at the party.


Rock me, Mama! There’s so much style packed into this little shortie boot, and the red colorway brings that festive 4th of July feel that works all year round.

RIO RANCHO(in Blue, Red)

Monochromatic makes a major statement when you top it with full-length fringe! The navy and red versions of these sassy shorties are all the rage for balancing out the retro-futuristic vibe.


Nothing says “Throwback to the Future” like a modern cowgirl take on blue suede boots.

SPAGHETTI WESTERN (in Blue, Burgundy)

These are a forever favorite, so if you don’t already have them in your closet, this is your sign from the universe that you need them! (And probably in more than one color…)

A little sidenote from the CEO:

“It’s not just the Throwback boots – Tell ‘em about the rest!” Audrey interjected with a laugh. “Tell ‘em that I couldn’t seem to get boots in forever, then they all came at once and now I’m UP TO MY EARS in new boots! Seriously, 500 pairs of boots – that’s 1,000 boots – filling up every inch of spare storage we’ve got. For the sake of our sanity, we’ve gotta sell some boots!”

Welp, you heard her – you’ve had your eye on them, you definitely deserve them, and you’d be doing Audrey a solid by getting yourself a new pair of boots! Oh, and while you’re treating your feet to statement style, remember to grab the Throwback trio of socks!

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