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May 01, 2023 1 min read

This collection takes “Far Out West” to its literal limit.

It’s intergalactic, it’s twangy Americana, it’s space cowgirl. It’s stars and shine, it’s unexpected imagery, it’s simultaneously retro and futuristic. It has nods to everything from NASA to nursery rhymes, from Neil Armstrong to Judy Jetson. It features shimmery leathers and sparkly sequins juxtaposed with bold racing stripes and cosmic camo. The aesthetic is crisp and cropped with straight-line silhouettes, summer style staples in a patriotic palette. It’s eclectic, old school, and out of this world.

Space Cowgirl, the collection we did a few years back, was one of my favorite,” Cheryl said. “We just really had fun with it, from the design to the makeup, the set, the props – everything about it was just FUN. And it resonated with our audience, too, which is always the goal; it’s had to put into words how rewarding it is when you take a risk and then the vision you have is well-received and understood the way you intended it. All that is to say, I think we knew almost immediately afterward that the galactic vibe was something we definitely wanted to revisit again someday. And it just so happened that with the way colors and silhouettes and shimmer are trending currently, well, the stars aligned – pun intended!”

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