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May 01, 2023 1 min read

There’s a classic cliche in cowgirl couture, “when in doubt, do it in denim!” Now, it’s not necessarily something we personally ascribe to – or any fashion rules, for that matter – but in the case of cosmic camo, we must admit it was the answer.

“This is going to sound like a ‘no duh’ statement,” Cheryl laughed. “But camo as a print is impossibly versatile. It can be in-your-face, done in sequins or neons, or it can be – as originally intended – a little more incognito in muted monochromatics. In this collection we wanted to incorporate the vibe that camo brings, but we had to find a way for it to fit, to feel appropriate to the aesthetic. After all, outer space is literally the opposite of Earth, which most camo kind of caters to.”

So the answer to that was to give it a celestial vibe.

“Blue was a no-brainer,” Cheryl said. “It’s a key color in this collection, it’s easy to layer shades subtly, and of course, it naturally lends itself to denim. And then, in turn, because denim has some structure to it, that lent itself to sporty-chic silhouettes, the zip-up vest with the racing stripe waist and the wide-leg cuffed pants. They’re easy-to-wear everyday items that also make a statement, that say you have a strong sense of style. They’re just fun!”

The Cosmos Camo pieces are meant to have a relaxed retro feel, enhanced by the racing stripes and embroidery of things like star clusters and 89. Like Cheryl said, they’re just fun.

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