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August 26, 2023 3 min read 2 Comments

We know you gals think we have all of our ducks in a row and are so ahead of the game that everything we do here at DDR is deliberate and decided in advance (heavy sarcasm)… but the truth is, what keeps our motors running is that we constantly surprise ourselves. And we do mean constantly!

“It’s not always convenient, the creative process,” admitted Cheryl.

“It’s almost NEVER convenient,” interjected Hedy, who is the get-er-done gal and the magic maker who has to make these wild whims come to fruition.

“Well, we’re a constant work in progress,” Cheryl laughed. “Let me tell you what happened with this Henley [top]. You know, the blessing and the curse of running a clothing company is that if you can’t find that perfect piece you’re looking for, you can just make your own. Much to the chagrin of the production side of things, I’m sure, but it’s a designer’s dream come true! I mean, I’ve been doing it since back in my Barbie days, when they just weren’t making the kind of outfits I wanted, so I would alter them here or there – cut the sleeves off, make the pants shorts or whatever – or I just sewed my own. Well, I had a vision for styling several of the looks for Cowpoke U and I was pretty set on it, but I searched to the ends of the internet and could NOT find the exact top I wanted. So, I made my own.”

Well, she and a whole team of other people, of course, but that’s what brought the Bryce Henley Top to life. And yes, if you keep up with all our behind-the-scenes shoot shenanigans, you know that by the time we’re ready to style a season for the shoot, 99% of production for that collection is already done and samples are already in hand, so this was no small order on a VERY small timeline.

“Oh yeah, this was the top that almost wasn’t,” she laughed. “And honestly, they probably should’ve shut me down and told me it was impossible. It would’ve been, if it wasn’t for the amazing people who make our clothes. That is a true testament to our working relationship with these folks, and why we hand-picked them to be part of our family.”

And, in the end, it was a gamble that paid off. The Bryce Henley Top accidentally became the star of the shoot, we styled it in every which way imaginable!

“This top ended up being more versatile than even I envisioned,” Cheryl said. “If you buy one staple this season, the Bryce Henley should be it. It’s got that long john waffle texture which can be dressed up or down, it’s the absolute perfect piece for layering – under a workshirt, under a vest, over a tank, under your statement jacket – because it’s a hue that channels denim, which is a universal neutral in fashion. It’s subtle, understated, a great canvas for loading up a statement squash or layering necklaces, plus, I love a gauntlet cuff worn outside the sleeve. And, it has the potential to be a little bit sexy if you want it to, that placket is deep enough to give a little peek if you’re feeling like it. You can rock it every season, year after year, until you wear the dang thing out – which should be a very long time, because we don’t cut corners!”

2 Responses

Carolyn Jenkins
Carolyn Jenkins

September 06, 2023

How much

Jan Blitstein
Jan Blitstein

August 31, 2023

Can you guys please drop me a note when this top has been SHIPPED OUT TO ME????

THANKS MUCH. (I’m not sexy one bit so may have my friend add one more button on top, making it a total of 5!
But maybe not. I never know til I look in the mirror….


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