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The Reign of Red

The Reign of Red


Red is ruling the runway right now, and Riata is giving it life. 

Red is a strong color. It evokes emotions all over the spectrum: love, fire, rage, passion, power. Not only is it on-trend, but it also fits perfectly into the fierce femininity of this collection. We have snuck the hue into subtle stand-alone stitching, worked it into embellishments of elegant embroidery, and dared it to speak for itself in the show-stopping Hondo Vest.

“Red is one of those colors that clothes you in confidence,” said Cheryl McMullen. “Wearing it makes you feel empowered and strong and kind of unstoppable, which is what Double D is all about, so we really enjoyed giving it such a strong presence in Riata.”

The shade also hints at an element of sex appeal, which is empowering and invigorating in its own right. Plus, it’s so versatile: it can be a statement, it can be accent; it can be rugged, it can be elegant. And best of all? It pairs perfectly with a bold red lip.

No matter what draws you to the hue, or how you choose to wear it, girl, get ready to turn some heads!

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