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November 16, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment


Meet Marcy Ward, the cowgirl behind Cowgirl Kim.

Why in the world is a store named “Cowgirl Kim” not owned by someone named Kim, you ask? So did we.

“We met Kim Moncure and we had really good synergy,” Marcy said. “And were luckily able to purchase Cowgirl Kim from her about four years ago. We just got along, and we carried the same or like kind of goods as her, and so it worked out.”

Technically, Cowgirl Kim is owned by Marcy’s father, Ron Maddux, a lifer in the retail game, on both ends of the sale.

“My dad used to be on the other side of it,” Marcy told us. “He was a sales rep for years, so he’s very familiar with the market and has a lot of old friends there. He handled retail all throughout my childhood, and it was kind of a natural progression into this side of the business.”


And Marcy is no stranger to the world of retail herself.

“I believe I was about 14 when I started working at Stanley Brothers,” she said. “I worked there on and off throughout my life. Of course, I went off and got married and moved places, but I always came back to Fredricksburg and I always ended up coming back to work at Stanley, which then became the Mercantile. So I’ve been selling boots and Rocky Mountain jeans and women’s western wear for most of my life.”

So, it makes sense that she ended up making a career of it, along with several others in her family.

“We’re a lot like Double D; my sister works here, my niece works here,” she said. “We’re definitely a family business, just trying to do what we love. We’ve always loved western wear and culture, and it’s just a part of our life.”

Naturally, we applaud and admire a family-owned operation, but that’s not even the coolest thing about Cowgirl Kim. It’s not your average “pop in and browse” type shop; it’s a whole different, catered shopping experience.

“What the customers do, they call us and make an appointment and tell us what they’re looking for and what size. A lot of the customers we know – a lot of them are Double D lovers,” she said. “We have a private dressing room, hanging racks to display everything out for viewing, and there is champagne and wine and all the good stuff! It’s a very private and intimate shopping experience for our customers so they don’t have to dig through everything. People seem to really enjoy that.”

We can imagine! A personal attendant and a little bubbly? Sign us up. But hey, if that’s not up your alley, you can still shop Cowgirl Kim.

“Of course, we have online,” Marcy said. “So if you’d rather sit in your PJs and shop, you can do that, too!”

Ok, that sounds fun, too.

The folks at Cowgirl Kim take the time to get to know their customers and their styles, so we wanted to know how Marcy would describe her own personal style.

“I like to change up my style; I never really get stuck in one style,” she said. “I guess I’d say it’s a little bit edgy. I like to mix traditional with non-traditional. I just throw it all together and I’m like ‘Yeah!’ But I always have classics, and to me, everything Double D is classic and timeless, so I always have to have that in the closet. The thing about Double D is that you can wear it rocker style or biker style or you can totally make it classic elegance. You can wear it to a concert, and it can also be business attire or date attire.”

And her absolute favorites?

“Their dusters, oh my god, I’m in love with them! Their dusters and their leather jackets, I’m a total junkie for,” she laughed. “My favorite pieces from the Riata collection are the Las Espuelas Duster and the Plaza Charro Jacket.”

And, Marcy says it’s not just the clothing she loves. She mentioned the Wolf Pack and the Double D community that’s built around the brand.

“It’s very unique in this industry to have a following as they do,” she said. “It speaks to who they are as people as much as their designs. We’re proud to be a Double D retailer. Love the family, love the whole brand, they’re doing a great job.”

Right back at you, Marcy! Thanks for being a part of it!


1 Response

Linda Hill
Linda Hill

November 25, 2019

Great read about a great retailer! I am a member of Cowgirl Kim Posse, VIP group and a Top Fan. Marcy and crew…give great personal service and are a joy to shop with. And I love the live feeds and special sales❤️

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