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by Halley Sanford December 08, 2019 2 min read


Being a good gifter is, well, a gift. Some people are innately good at it. They pick up on hints you drop, they make a mental note of that one thing you said you liked that one time, and then later it shows up on your doorstep or at your birthday party or in your stocking.

But even if you have that magical gene, it’s not easy to buy a gift for a fashionista. You don’t know their size, you don’t want to guess it wrong (in either direction). But there’s always jewelry! It always fits, they’ll never outgrow it, and it lasts forever. Plus, it packages so well for the actual act of giving. Whether you go with a Squash Blossom necklace, a meaningful sterling silver charm, or perhaps a pair of dangling artisan earrings, they box up quite nicely. Wrap them in dazzling paper or simply tie them up with an overstated satin ribbon (because the presentation is half the fun), and you’re definitely going to win Christmas this year!

You know what else doesn’t have to fit? Scarves! We designed a wide variety of scarves for Giant, and they have been wildly popular (like, “hard to keep in stock” popular), so you can rest assured she’s going to want to wrap up in it the second she unwraps it.

Another can’t-go-wrong gift is pretty much anything from the Turquoise Travel Series. Does she love to hit the road? Help her pack up in style with the makeup and jewelry cases. Is she super-organized (or really needs to get that way)? She needs the Pecos Planner. Is she a bit of a minimalist or always on the go? The Prescott Clutch and Waco Wristlet are sleek, stylish ways for her to keep her necessities (phone, cards, ID, cash, etc.) in hand without being burdened with a big ol’ bag. We promise, she’ll love them!

And if you’re still not confident picking out something for the fashion lover on your list, you’re certain to steal her heart with a Double D gift card. Hear us out: we know they get a bad rap as being impersonal, but handing your loved one free reign to choose whatever DDR item her little heart desires… well, that seems pretty dang thoughtful to us.

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