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May 21, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

We get it – it’s edgy and “out there” and with so much sparkle and shine and spacey motif, it may be hard to envision yourself in some of the statement pieces from Throwback to the Future. Well, sis, we’re here to tell you YES YOU CAN rock the retro-futuristic look and we’re gonna show you how.

“More than anything, it’s a testament to our ability to push the envelope with how we captured the collection editorially,” Cheryl said. “It had a fun, playful theme of outer space – the galaxy and the Jetsons and NASA and the whole interstellar vibe – so we photographed it in an incredibly bold extra-terrestrial style. It was ‘space cowgirl’ on the verge of alien-esque, and it turned out awesome. But when you boil it down to the actual collection, it’s classic Americana with a hint of spacy, sparkly sass.”


From Memorial Day to Fourth of July and all summer long, a patriotic palette is always a winning combo, but it doesn’t have to be as in-your-face as an Old Glory bikini. Pick one piece that *POPS* to be your statement. Denim is perfect for pairing here, because it fits the color scheme but is also a universal year-round neutral. Don’t be afraid to add a little jazz and pizazz with your accessories – shimmery statement shorties, a stunning squash blossom, a whole arm full of Americana – more is more and less is a bore!


We’ll admit it – sequins can be scary. “Am I too old? Is this too loud? Will I be too dressy?” No, no, and NO! Don’t get us wrong, there is a time and place to get decked out like a disco ball, but maybe the MemDay block party isn’t it, so stick to a solo sparkle if you’re wanting to be more “everyday” than “over the top”. Pair a sequined skirt with a good graphic tee and boots without a luster to the leather (save the metallic and the patent for another look). Same for styling your jewelry – aim for color over shine so your outfit and your accessories aren’t competing for the (literal) spotlight! Load up your look with lapis and coral.


The easiest way to edge out of your comfort zone is one piece at a time. Pick a piece that makes you feel a little daring – like a shimmery tied-up pearl snap – and rock it with something that makes you feel consistently confident, like your trusty pair of jeans. So much of how something looks on you is a reflection of how you feel in it!


Yeah, yeah, we know what Coco Chanel said about taking one thing off, but we tend to lean towards layering. Maybe it’s a chic scarf, one more stacker, or your signature hat – and don’t underestimate the ability of a vest to totally transform your look!

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Lisa Hurd
Lisa Hurd

May 21, 2023

Great article!
I always love your pairing suggestions.

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