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February 26, 2023 4 min read 2 Comments

You’ve loved her look for years, you’ve gotten to peek at her personality through social media and behind the scenes snapshots – it’s high time we get to know the blonde beauty that’s been bringing DDR looks to life for half a decade! Check out this fun little Q&A we did with Lozzy about where she’s from, where she’s headed, and what she loves about DDR.

DDR: So, who is Lozzy? Give us a glimpse into your ‘superhero origin story’.

Lozzy: Well, I grew up in the foothills of Glendora, a small town on the outskirts of L.A. My family and I have always been close, and my brother, Ian, and my sister, Mirren, still remain my best friends. I was admittedly a bit of an outcast through school; I was more concerned with art, writing, and music than friends and parties – or studying. I preferred to sit and write poetry outside my classroom than go have lunch with the other kids. I grew up with a strong affinity for music as my dad was a musician. I remember a defining moment when he showed me a beautiful piece of classical music, and I saw a tear in his eye – I had never seen that man cry, and in that moment I realized the power of emotion music had. I never classically trained, but I've been writing and playing music from the time I could reach a piano. I have found a love for painting within the last few years as well. Let’s see, what else? I grew up riding horses at my Granny's house, she rode Western and I rode English style. Though I appreciated the training it took to ride English, I always loved the relaxed and natural way of a Western ride.

DDR: Well, that segues nicely into how you found yourself on catalog covers for a Western lifestyle brand! Tell us about your career in modeling, how you got your start and when you ended up working with our crazy crew.

Lozzy: I've been modeling for just over a decade now, I got into it after being scouted online. I was in college at the time (hating it) and felt very antsy to get out and do something. Though I know it's frowned upon, I've never felt like school was for me. I always wanted to be out doing and creating, so I thought modeling seemed like a good opportunity. I've always viewed modeling as more of an artist endeavor, especially editorial. I love the idea of becoming someone else to portray an artistic vision, and throughout my career, I've been able to play so many different characters. I've been working with Double D for about 5 years now. My first shoot was in 2018 for the ‘19 Twisted Western catalog. We stayed on a horse ranch at the base of a beautiful mountain in the desert near a river. It didn't feel like work for a second, I was in awe. We continue to shoot in some of the most beautiful and amazing places I've ever seen.

DDR: It’s no secret we ask a lot of you ladies, photoshoots are grueling for everyone involved, so we always wonder what the experience is like on the other side of the lens.

Lozzy: Working with DDR has been my favorite experience in modeling so far. They feel like a second family at this point, and I am so lucky to be able to work with them so often. I love all the sisters but I must say that Hedy holds a special place in my heart. With her unapologetic boldness and unrelenting humor, she is always a blast on set. My favorite shoots so far were Gayle and Cody. The retro collection was so sweet and playful; it was fun researching old pinup and ‘50 western photos to reference for the character. Cody was quite the contrast, greasy and gritty cowboy! DDR tends to put me in the more masculine pieces and feminine on the other models with shoots like that, which I think is really fun because it challenges me to push an edgy and strong energy during shoot.

My least favorite shoot would have to be Midnight Cowboy. Though the catalog came out amazing, I unfortunately had the stomach flu. It got to a point in the night shoot where I was throwing up behind the trailer between shots and the sisters had to force me to go lay down and rest because I'm stubborn and insisted on continuing to shoot. Luckily, they took good care of me and I flew home the next day, but not without passing the flu onto a couple of the sisters first.

DDR: Cody seems to be a universal favorite, Kaylin said the same. And you absolutely ROCKED the Gayle look, that was a really fun one. Ok, those are favorite shoots, what about a favorite collection?

Lozzy: My favorite collection of all time has to be Diving Horses. I love that era, the retro circus elements. The pieces are so fun and I love the history the collection holds. My favorite DDR piece of all time, though, has to be the Cattlemen Boots; these classic brown short top cowboy boots with a steer cast in metal on the back of the heel, I had to get a pair. As for Billy The Kid, I love the red fringe Sonora Jacket – it's such a great bold jacket! There are so many fun pieces like that in this collection, it's got a lot of spunk.

DDR: Outfitting the outlaw attitude! Speaking of bucking the norm, you seem to gravitate toward unconventional aspirations – what’s next for you?

Lozzy: My plan for life after modeling is to keep exploring art, music, writing, and discover other interests. I've been considering adding wine sommelier to my repertoire sometime in the future. I like to say that I plan on being a professional dabbler. There is always a way to make a living doing what you love. I think in addition to continuing to sell my paintings, one of my silly dreams is to renovate an old tug boat into livable quarters and travel up and down the coast.

Ummm… please take us with you. 

If you would like to keep up with Lozzy and her fabulous free spirit you can follow her on Instagram @mckell_ and you can check out/shop her paintings @Lozzy_art_

2 Responses


February 27, 2023

My favorite model from DDR.

Alicia M.
Alicia M.

February 27, 2023

~ Wow, what a great Q&A. Thank you for your interview with Lozzy, giving us a peek into her life off camera. When I was much younger, I wanted to be a model. However, I’m only 5’2" tall and weigh 124 lbs.; not nearly tall enough. So I attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. Lozzy is also a favourite of mine as I love how she rocks DDR; putting her personality into the clothes. It’s also great to know that she has future plans to segue into—using modeling as the vehicle to do so. ~

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