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July 10, 2021 4 min read 3 Comments

One of the best things about this gig of ours is the people that it puts in our path. Over the past three decades we’ve gotten to greet the friendly faces that grace the Mothership, meet fellow entrepreneurs at various markets, and thanks to the prevalence of social media, lately, we’ve (virtually) gotten to know a whole new generation of style makers. Among them, the beautiful and inspiring Brianna Pafford.

Bri, as she introduces herself, is as positive as she is pretty, and her story is one of adaptation, resilience, and refusing to be told what is or isn’t capable of doing. How very Sissy of her.

 “When I was born, I was missing my fibula bone,” she explained. “So, they had to amputate [my lower left leg] when I was 15 months old. And I was always raised, by my dad, my grandpa, my whole family really, to believe ‘You can’t care what others think about how you are, how you were born. Just be you.’ That has always given me the strength to just be me.This is who I am.”

While her physical differences certainly don’t define her, she will be first to tell you they make her “uniquely her”, and eventually, she incorporated it into her personal brand.

“A couple of years ago, I started my Instagram [account], @pretty.stumped,” she said. “Pretty, like modeling, and stumped, because I’m an amputee. A friend of mine came up with it, actually, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s perfect!’”

The development came after much urging from her family – especially her grandfather – and her friends, encouraging her to use it to explore her love for fashion and as a platform to showcase her beauty and self-acceptance as inspiration for anyone who has ever been made to feel less-than.

“I really wanted to show people that everyone is different,” Bri explained. “It doesn’t mean you can’t model, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything you want to do, whatever it is. I really want to inspire others, empower others, especially those with disabilities, because they tend to get so down on themselves. I get messages from people who say they haven’t worn shorts since they were 18 because they felt embarrassed, and looking at my profile has given them the courage to wear shorts. It’s those types of things that are why I love doing what I do.”

Despite being a passion project (Bri is actually in finance from 9-5), Pretty Stumped is an online endeavor that’s making a splash. At 11.5K Instagram followers and a website that shares her story, Bri is bringing her brand of confidence and couture to the masses, and while she says she can’t really pinpoint a label for her ‘style’, Double D Ranch is definitely a part of it. 

“I would describe my style the same as my music – I love country, but I like a mix of all genres, I like to throw in some classic rocker, too,” Bri said. “I think Double D is like that. And the Sissy collection, I love it so much; it’s so patriotic, which is very much me, and also retro, which is another word I would use to describe my style. The [Oil & All That It Implies] Vest and [Sissy’s] Hat really screamed retro to me, and I love to mix that vibe into my style.”

Her style may be uniquely her own, but her love of fashion – and of DDR – was passed down to her.

“My grandma – God rest her soul, she recently passed away – was a fashionista, she was always wearing Double D,” Bri laughed. “The very first piece of Double D that I remember was a vest she had when I was little – I can’t for the life of me think of the name of it – but it had the studding and the fringe, and when I would go to her house, the first thing I would do was go to her closet and put on that vest and play and spin because, ya know, fringe! Going through her closet, she has more Double D than I could ever imagine, and a lot of it is vintage; I wish I was her size!”

Currently, Bri’s favorite piece of DDR is the Liberty & Justice For All Jacket in white, the Sissy signature biker which she’s procured for her very own – carrying on the family tradition!

It’s been a treat getting to know Bri and an honor getting to work with her (hopefully not for the last time!), and we’re invigorated by her upbeat attitude and aspiration.

“Set your mind to something and you can achieve it,” Bri said with conviction. “Don’t let anything hold you back. Because, I mean, why? Why let it? No matter what it is, you don’t have to let it.”

Wise and beautiful words from a wise and beautiful gal.

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Brian Smith
Brian Smith

July 14, 2021

Love the article and love you.

Pat Neveux
Pat Neveux

July 11, 2021


Janet harris
Janet harris

July 11, 2021


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