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January 30, 2021 3 min read 3 Comments

Founded in 1965, Wyatt Ranches maintains a central focus of producing both commercial and specialty cattle. From the gatekeepers, vaqueros, and foremen, to the administrative staff and business advisors, their tenured associates have worked towards a goal of sustained growth and continued success for the past 55 years. Today, their ranches consist of four divisions in South Texas, and two divisions in West Texas. Situated in Duval, Hidalgo, Jeff Davis, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Nueces, Presidio and Starr Counties, their cattle ranches are scattered south from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grande River, and west from Marfa to Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations of corn, cotton, hay, and grain.

The Board of Directors at Wyatt Ranches, as well as the Wyatt family, waste no time in acknowledging and giving credit to the ranch's steadfast employees, many of whom have over twenty-years of tenure. "We are so grateful for their dedication and how everyone demonstrates a genuine commitment to ride for the brand,” said Lynn Wyatt, the organization's matriarch. The ranch's motto,“Nuestro orgullo es…Nuestra gente” means, our pride is our people - and it’s emblazoned on the tailgates of their fleet of ranch trucks to acknowledge this dedication. In addition to cattle ranching activities, Wyatt Ranches is also known for their benevolence and their commitment of giving back to the local communities. Something they are all proud to be a part of.

The venues for this collection were located in South Texas, at their Tasajillo Division in Duval County, and near the small town of Realitos. Some of our collection’s photos were taken at the Tasajillo Train Depot, along the Kansas City Southern railroad. Wyatt Ranches employees periodically gather at the depot with their families for outdoor functions, such as bar-b-ques, birthday celebrations, retirement gatherings, and for noon meals during their cattle roundups. Lately, during the Pandemic, outdoor and open-air venues have become a necessity, and hence, the depot is a popular meeting place. Local volunteer firefighters and ambulance medics also assemble at the depot for training and courtesy meals, all provided by Wyatt Ranches. Another venue we used at their Tasajillo Division was Las Ruinas, or the Ruins, where the remnants of a caliche rock structure is accented by an authentic chuck wagon, all in the middle of a huge mesquite-dotted pasture with endless views of the South Texas brush country.

Several of our collections have been shot at their cattle ranching divisions in both South and West Texas. The Giant Collection, at their Los Robles Division near Agua Dulce; and the Riata Collection, at their Little Reata Division near Marfa. Their vaqueros and rancheros, as well as their hospitality team, have all become relaxed and comfortable around us during the photo shoots. When asked about Double D Ranch, their Administrator, Bradford Wyatt, quickly admits that in addition to making new friends, he and his coworkers have gained a deep appreciation for what we do when shooting the collections. “All the preparation, the setting up, the dedication to creativity, the thousands of photos they must take, the do-overs, all the clothes the models must quickly change in and out of,” he said. “My coworkers and I have all decided we better stick to our day jobs at the Ranches.”  

3 Responses

Mar Dom
Mar Dom

February 14, 2024

I learned so much reading about the history of The Wyatt Ranches. I have lived in South Texas for many years and just learned of the existence of such a wonderful ranch and of all the work, dedication and giving back to the community.
The photos are so impressive.
Thank you for all you do.

carol newman
carol newman

February 06, 2021

Love this site. pictures & story is so neat !!1

Lisa Bradford
Lisa Bradford

February 02, 2021

Do wonderful to read about the " real deal" at Wyatt Ranches. Kudos to remaining true to the ethics of the American West and riding for the brand. AND a wonderful backdrop for your gorgeous photo shoots – LOVE 💕

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