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October 06, 2019 2 min read


Forget “sweater weather”, it’s finally scarf season!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re advocates of wearing scarves all year long – you won’t often catch Cheryl McMullen without one! (What better way to amp up an outfit, am I right?) Not to mention – variety and versatility! The same outfit, accessorized with a scarf of a different length, fabric, or style, can be transformed into a whole new look!

And y’all, the ways to wear it are endless. (You could easily spend hours on YouTube learning dozens of ways to tie a scarf, depending on length and fabric.) Here are just a few of our basic go-to favorites:


The classic! Simply draped around your neck and hanging free. It’s a great opportunity to add color and texture to an otherwise simple look, like a basic button-down or a classic denim dress! Obviously


Again, this works best with a scarf like the Granger that has some length to it. Double it up around your neck and knot it for a bit of a more dramatic look than simply draping it long.


We love this look with a lighter, shorter scarf, like the American Assemblage or the Chieftain. Simply wrap it around your neck and tie it either a single time or in a full knot, and it becomes an eye-catching accessory that gives almost the same effect as a statement necklace.

With a Slide

This is next level! Y’all, we LOVE a scarf slide, and Joe Eby has designed us some truly gorgeous ones! They’re a perfect accent to a square scarf, or even your basic bandana!

Still too hot for you to even dream of donning a scarf?

Understandable – we live in South Texas, we get it – but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on scarves! Try accessorizing with it in more unconventional ways: wrap it on your wrist, tie it in your hair, or affix it to your bag!

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