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May 23, 2021 1 min read 1 Comment

“There are just certain things a girl can’t do.” “Name one.”

That’s Sissy in a nutshell. She won’t be told what to do or how to act, what she is and is not capable of doing.

Inspiration for this summer’s Cowgirl Closet was the leading lady of the 1980 cult classic Urban Cowboy. The mechanical bull-riding, beer-drinking, queen of the honky-tonk was strong-willed and determined to prove you wrong. Naturally, that resonated with us.

Images licensed by Alamy

While the Urban Cowboy movement was considered the first pop-culture craze of the decade and it triggered a trend that could only be described as “Texas chic”, the Sissy collection is more true to the character herself. Graphic tees with vintage vibes, bandana details, and a whole lotta denim. The colors are patriotic, a bit of an Americana homage to the Lone Star State. Oh yeah, and there’s our spin on theiconic outfit from the film.

“Designing Sissy was a lesson in never-say-never,” laughed DDR designer, Cheryl McMullen. “Never in my life did I dream I would design a cowboy hat with a big feather hatband or a halter-top vest, and yet here we are. On the cover of the catalog, no less!”

Don’t it make you wanna dance?

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Beki Smit
Beki Smit

May 25, 2021

It breaks my heart that I only have one of my feather hatbands left and it’s a tiny one – just a half inch wide. 🥲

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