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May 23, 2021 2 min read

Ready or not, summer is upon us, ladies. The days are getting longer and the sleeves are getting shorter, and here in south Texas, the temps are getting hotter. And that poses a bit of an obstacle for one of our favorite things: LAYERING!

“We’ve long been preaching, ‘load up, load up, load up!’,” Cheryl laughed. “Nobody loves a scarf more than me and our leather jackets are our heart and soul, but the reality is that we live somewhere that gets real dang hot in the summer months, so we have to adjust our style to accomplish keeping cool while looking hot, ya know? There’s nothing stylish about being a sweaty mess!”

One obvious answer to this style conundrum is jewelry.

“Jewelry’s always an everyday, all-year accessory,” Cheryl said. “You can load up your look without really affecting your temperature. I mean, no one ever broke a sweat from an Oscar earring.”

But another summer style solution: a statement vest.

“Vests are also a year-round accessory, really,” Cheryl explained. “Our Hondo Vest is a fall and holiday favorite, year after year. But in the summer, they’re almost necessary. By their very nature, a vest is sleeveless which makes a huge difference in the breathability of your outfit, right? You can throw them on over something as simple as a white tank and totally transform your look in an instant. And the vests from Sissy – at least the Oil [and All That It Implies] Vest and the Liberty & Justice [For All] Vest – can easily be worn as a top if you’re feeling bold.”

The Eagle Live Vest, well, it only has that singular tie at the front, but hey, who are we to tell you how to wear it? But even worn in the traditional fashion, over a denim workshirt or a simple tee or tank, it’s guaranteed to be a fan favorite at Memorial Day picnics and Fourth of July parades all across the country. That patriotic palette and extra-long fringe is impossible to ignore!

“The Sissy collection is really bringing the A-game with the vests,” Cheryl laughed. “Especially the Oil and All That It Implies Vest. It’s our DDR spin on theiconic outfit from the movie. I have to say, I think it’s the first and only halter top vest I’ve ever designed, but it works. Heck, it made the cover!”

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