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December 17, 2023 1 min read

With so much color clamoring for our attention this year (ahem, ‘90s neons and Barbie pinks), we have a whole new appreciation for neutrals.

Core pieces – and colors – have always been key to classic couture. When you picture someone who embodies “timeless, classy, and elegant”, it’s likely images of crisp silhouettes in blacks, whites, maybe navies, and silvery greys and warm neutrals – creams, khakis, ecru, and even (dare we say it?) beige. We know, ‘beige’ has gotten a bit of a bad rap lately; it’s become a euphemism in pop culture for the bland, perfunctory, and safe. In your closet, however, beige and its soft-spectrum sisters are queen. In their simplest forms, they’re staples, neutral and necessary, and when you elevate them with elements like fur or fringe, they begin to take on a life of their own. Want to appear the epitome of elite? Layer analogous hues from top to toe – you’ll be surprised how much a pallid palette pops.

Even in the edgiest eras, neutrals will always have a place in peak fashion.

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