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December 17, 2023 1 min read

We’re going to let you in on a style secret: shearling is the it-factor this season.

For both guys and gals, from mountain mornings to Saturday night in the city, hand-me-down heirlooms to high-fashion finds right from the runway, shearling is showing up in a big way. And, thanks to our excursions abroad this summer, we’re extremely lucky to have an in with one of the most exclusive and sought-after suppliers of Spanish shearling – because why bother if you can’t bring the best of the best?

The story with shearling is that it falls perfectly in line with that trending affinity for comfort dressing, particularly cozy couture, which embraces the idea of feeling snuggly without looking sloppy. Additionally, shearling is becoming heavily favored in high fashion over traditional fur for its obvious ethical implications and more sustainable sourcing, as well as for sheer (no pun intended) tactile preference. Who doesn’t love when looking good feels good?

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