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July 16, 2023 3 min read 3 Comments

Y’all remember paper dolls? We might be showing our age here, but they were a beloved pastime in the McMullen house. Of course, our true love was Barbies, but paper dolls were cheaper, easier to come by, and much more packable travel companions – plus, creating a whole new outfit for them didn’t require a sewing machine. Anyway, we still play ‘paper dolls’ at the office (albeit a more high-tech version), particularly in the Design Department – shoutout to those movers and shakers and style-makers!

“This is always a helpful activity for us – on top of being fun, like can we even call this work?” Cheryl laughed. “Because the thing about styling a collection for the catalog is that it’s editorial, which usually falls somewhere between runway and the real world in terms of practicality. For instance, it photographs and displays beautifully on Lozzie, but a majority of our customers are not going to rock the Neigh Neigh Vest over just a bandeau top – I mean, I’m certainly not. So playing ‘paper dolls’ is our way of giving these pieces an ‘everyday’ application; you can take these whole looks right off the hanger and head out the door. It’s important, from a design perspective, to be able to picture these pieces walking down the street.”

Here are some of the super-cute summer styles – and real-world-wearable looks – we put together for the Hay Babies collection.


Wear it with: Simple white sundress, strappy sandals; accessorize with silver and soft pinks

Why it works: The vest is the statement-maker, it’s so unique and intricate that it really works well as the focal point paired with a solid staple. P.S. Speaking of Barbies, brace yourself because #BarbieCore is a-comin’ and pink is about to be ev.ery.where. Pink pieces that *pop*, like this vest, are a great way to ease into the trend.


Wear it with: A crisp white tee, black overall shorts, black shortie boots (Apache Kid is our pick!); accessorize with pink clamshell statement pieces

Why it works: The short-sleeves on this jacket lend a whole new level of wear-and-pair options, particularly throughout the summer. When you rock it with tempered down basics, you master a look that’s unforgettable, but you make it appear effortless. (And don’t even get us started on how much we can’t get enough of the statement jacket + shorts + shortie boots combo!)


Wear it with: Cargo shorts and Long Tall Sally Boots; accessorize with an over-the-top choker and Dennis Hogan hoops

Why it works: The quilt imagery is inherently demure, so pairing it with cargo shorts and super-tall boots really amps up the edginess (bordering on straight-up sexy!). The neckline is between a classic crew and a scoop, so a choker is perfect, especially one with this much flair.


Wear it with: Cropped wide-leg jeans and casual sneaks (we’re partial to a pair of Chuck Taylors); accessorize with complementing clam shell squash and dangles

Why it works: We’ll say it again -- #BarbieCore has arrived! – but super-girly isn’t everyone’s style. The squared silhouettes of both the top and the jeans, paired with something as toned down as street sneakers (bonus points if they’re pink!), embraces the color while keeping the overall vibe casual and down to earth.


Wear it with: A classic denim skirt and neutral sandals or espadrilles; accessorize with silver statement pieces with strong southwestern vibes + a pop of complementary color

Why it works: We mentioned this last week, but this particular serape + denim is the ultimate dream team – two timeless classics that work together for a look you can wear anywhere and all year long. The top has tons of color, so keeping it simple otherwise – think, a neutral shade for your shoes and silver jewelry – helps bring a balance without being too busy.

3 Responses

Carina Spies
Carina Spies

July 23, 2023

So absolutely love love love this!!💞

Carina Spies
Carina Spies

July 23, 2023

So absolutely love love love this!!💞

Lisa Hurd
Lisa Hurd

July 23, 2023

I LOVE that you did this! This helps me so much! Please keep these ideas coming in the future dose articles. They are abundantly helpful!

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