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May 08, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

We sure hope y’all find our adventures with Oscar Betz as entertaining as we do, because the “new” hasn’t worn off for us yet and we’re kind of like kids with a new puppy – we just want to share with all our friends!

“I think it’s still kind of surreal for me,” Cheryl said. “Oscar is someone whose work I’ve admired for 30-plus years, you know? Someone you never even think you’ll get to meet in your lifetime, let alone collaborate with. And it’s fun, it’s a fun working relationship you get to build with someone whose work consistently awes you.”

That’s one thing we can say without reservation: we can always count on Oscar to wow us.

“We’ve never had to worry about what we’re getting with Oscar’s work,” Cheryl said. “And I don’t anticipate we ever will. He’s perfected what he does. He has a signature style and to those in the know it’s as evident as the red bottom of a Louboutin – we call it #OscarObvious. So many of his pieces have been around such a long time and are still coveted collectors. It’s an almost effortless collaboration. We do sometimes send him stone combinations we’d like to see, or – Oh! Audrey! Can I tell them about the new style we’re working on?! Can I at least tell them the shape?”

“No, you may not,” Audrey says, in her soft but stern way (you’ve heard it in the line launches, I’m sure). “We don’t even know if we’re going to be able to make it happen, and it’s way too early. And I will make Mitchell change your Facebook password if I have to.”

For the most part, Oscar has the creative freedom to do what he does best. BUT, it is a true collaboration and we have pitched ideas to him and he’s pitched them back, and it’s going to result in something incredible, we promise.

“Working with Oscar is kind of like working with Cheryl,” Audrey laughed. “All creative types must be night owls, I guess. I’ll wake up in the morning to photos he’s sent at all hours – different color patterns and shape arrangements he’s playing with, making masterpieces on his TV tray. At least with Oscar, he’s up all night creating jewelry rather than buying it like my sister. And he doesn’t spill secrets.”

Sounds like the best is yet to come.

1 Response

Alicia M.
Alicia M.

October 10, 2022

~ From a purely design standpoint, his creations are unique. Once I left New York and the rag trade for good, it never dawned on me that I’d be living in the mountains. During an internet search in 2012, I discovered Double D Ranch. Your Jewelry tab showcased the most fabulous turquoise, spiny oyster earrings I’d ever seen. That’s when I discovered Oscar Betz and his OOAK style. It integrates so well with Double D Ranch; like y’all were made for each other, aesthetically-speaking. I’d love to own a pair one day—even if they’re vintage. Keep up the great design work that keeps this mountain cowgirl coming back for more. ~

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