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May 08, 2021 1 min read

“Y’all remember souvenir scarves, don’t you?” Cheryl implored. “Oh man, back in the day – back in the Hopalong Cassidy day, the Roy Rogers day – you got a souvenir scarf with things! If I recall, it was in the back of the comic book, a little mail-in for the souvenir scarf. That’s what sparked a lot of the inspiration for this collection, and definitely for the signature print.”

You’d be surprised at how much of Cheryl’s inspiration comes from old paint-by-numbers and coloring books (have we mentioned that she keeps a small hoard of things in her design studio?).

“I have to touch it, sit with it, have my eyes and my hands on it,” explained Cheryl. “You have ideas and memories from your childhood that spark something in you – an inspiration to create something—but sometimes it takes that tangible thing in front of me to turn a vision into a viable thing, does that make sense?”

Yes, it does, and it turned out beautifully. The prominent print in Gayle is essentially an amalgamation of the souvenir scarves that made an indelible impact on Cheryl growing up. It’s classic cowboy scenes in retro colors with a modern DDR twist.

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