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December 06, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

Not Your Mama’s Mink: Fur with DDR Flair

Don’t get us wrong, we grew up admiring the luxurious look of Millicent Rogers’ full-length furs and stunning stoles on the society page – it’s just not Double D Ranch. But we love what the element adds to an outfit, so we always find a way to incorporate a little bit of fur with DDR flair.


This year has been a little more “go big and stay home” than “go big or go home”, but the temperatures are finally dropping, and we are embracing every opportunity to flaunt some fluff. Of course, there’s the perennial favorite, The Hondo Vest with its forever-full collar (we’ll talk more about that later), but can we all just stop and swoon over the Sandia Pass Jacket for a second? The bold black extra-wide fur collar on this gorgeous green goat suede jacket makes an entrance befitting of an heiress.


We have been having a great deal of fun with the colors in the ‘I Go Back’ collection. From selecting them, to (especially) naming them, to incorporating them in ways you’d never expect. C’mon… who predicted baby blue fur in the holiday collection?

“Sometimes we have to wait until Cheryl has it sketched out on paper until we can even picture it,” Audrey said. “We always trust her vision, but man, sometimes it sounds really out there until we can see it.”

“Yeah, and then the REAL test is when we get a sample back!” laughed Hedy. “That’s when we know whether she’s lost her mind or knocked it out of the park.”

Well, you’ve seen the Above Sangre de Cristo Jacket – even Hedy has to admit that that ‘blue eyes’ beauty was a homerun for the holidays.


A gorgeous jacket is perfect if you’re taking a tour through holiday lights or strolling through the shops, but what if you’re just having a small social holiday happy hour but still want to feel fur-trimmed fabulous while you’re indoors? We get it. We live in South Texas – we rarely get to wear our leathers, but we still want to flaunt that fur – so our absolute favorite right now is the Cervantez Cape. It’s gorgeous, effortless, and it covers a multitude of sins. And apparently, we’re not the only ones loving the cap (always love letting y’all in on shop talk):

“The colors are those rich gem tones that are perfect for the holidays – the Milo and the Ruidoso Pine, and even the Man in Black – it’s all really luxurious,” said Cheryl. “And they’re so easy to wear! I mean you can throw them on over anything!”

Audrey interjects from the other office, “Don’t hype ‘em up too much, Cheryl, we’re almost out. Tell them to contact Kristen Schley – she’ll find some, she always does.”

“Well, can I talk about Hondo Vests or no?” Cheryl asks.

“Does it matter if I say no? You’re gonna do it anyway.” Audrey answers.

“Ok, so the Hondo Vests…” [Haha]

But seriously… those Hondo Vests. The Ruidoso Pine and the Milo are no-brainers for the holidays, but can also be worn any time, and again the ‘blue eyes’ kinda steals the show in this collection!


We love a big fluffy head-turning collar for the holidays, but we also know that sometimes you just need to be everyday #extra, and that is how we feel about the Cheetah Blue Jacket. It is throw-and-go-faux, but you’re still going to turn some heads!

1 Response

Beki Smiy
Beki Smiy

December 14, 2020

I am truly loving my baby blue Hondo vest this season.

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