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National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day

Happy National Ice Cream Day, y’all!

These days, we’re looking for even the littlest reason to celebrate, and today, we’ve got one! What is a more fun holiday to observe than one devoted entirely to ice cream?! Plus, we don’t know about where y’all are, but down here in South Texas, it’s hotter than Hades – perfect for indulging in a little frozen treat.

Y’all know we McMullens love our sweets – you’ve seen our candy spread at marketing meetings! – but when it comes to ice cream, our tastes are as varied as our personalities. Nana loves her pistachio nut. Jack wants Dutch Chocolate specifically by Blue Bell. Audrey’s curing two cravings at once with her sea salt caramel and Cheryl agrees. Presley is chocolate chip cookie dough all day. And Taylor loves him some cookies and cream, but not nearly as much as his Aunt Hedy.

“Cookies and cream -- eat it by the gallon, don’t even put it in a bowl” she laughed. “It was a college staple. I ate that, and Captain Crunch, every single day. No protein, but I was in the best shape of my life. Go figure.” (To be fair, she was playing college basketball and in the gym 5 hours a day.)

Oh, and little Lincoln? Good old fashioned vanilla with ALL the toppings. We’re gonna need a bigger freezer.

All out of ice cream, but still want to celebrate? Try Nana’s homemade ice cream recipe we shared with y’all last year! You know… the one she’s been making for 60 years that’s written on the back of a Gatesville National Bank check.

Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite! (Or if you also have a yummy homemade ice cream recipe or memory!)

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Carina Spies - July 26, 2020

We also make our own icecream so its so much better than commercial ice cream! I love chocolate!! The best!!

Nancy Goodnight - July 20, 2020

Chocolate!! Add nuts even better. There’s one out right now at DQ- Drumstick! All the deliciousness of a drumstick cone mixed in soft serve ice cream. Also like fresh strawberries in chocolate ice cream!

Sarah Votaw - July 19, 2020

I love a nice banana split! Banana With chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream scoops, whip cream, cherries and sprinkles on top! Oh and some peanuts!! Yummy! Thanks for reminding me of my child hood!! Going to make these for my boys (and me!) very soon! Love to y’all!

Linda Searle - July 19, 2020

My favorite flavor has always been vanilla. I guess it stems back to this memories of visiting my grandparents farm in Iowa. Grandma would bring out the ice cream maker and each of us kids would take turns cranking it until it got too difficult as the ice cream began to harden. Then the best part was tasting that soft ice cream fresh off the paddle when it was done. Topped with her black berries, there was nothing like it. To this day I love my sundaes topped with fresh fruit and salted nuts.

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