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December 01, 2019 2 min read


This is it, ladies. This is the big time. This is NFR. If there has ever been an appropriate opportunity to be completely over the top with your outfit and accessories, it’s these ten days. I mean, it is VEGAS, after all – nothing is too extreme!

A bold hat

Of course you probably weren’t planning to attend a rodeo without a hat, but why not be just a little bit #extra? Maybe it’s a strong color, maybe it’s a daring silhouette, maybe it’s embellished in unexpected ways. Whatever route you take, don’t be afraid to be a little over the top with your topper!

A statement jacket

Whether it’s a duster or biker, nothing is going to get you more “Where’d you get that?!”s than a really eye-catching jacket. NFR is a great time to dust off your favorite vintage DDR or debut your brand new favorite. Don’t have a statement jacket yet? Girl, what better excuse to get you one!

Big ol’ belt buckle

There are going to be belt buckles galore walking around that arena – it is a rodeo, after all, and that’s where trophy buckles originated. But even if you don’t rope or ride, there’s no reason you can’t show up and show off!

Bad Ass Boots

Let your boots do the talking! Slide them on over your skinnies or don them with your favorite dress – either way, now is the time to treat yourself to some stand-out kicks and turn some heads all over the City of Lights!

ALL the jewelry

More is more! Fill up that jewelry case with all the silver, turquoise, and coral that you can carry. Mix, match, layer, and stack – there is no such thing as too much jewelry this week!

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