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Music Fest Checklist

Music Fest Checklist

Music Fest Checklist

Ah, yes – the ultimate paradox of striving to be high-fashion, but low-maintenance. Check out a few of our pro tips for soaking up the sounds in comfortable style:

1. A cross-body or chic backpack: Festivals are an all-day commitment and no one wants to be lugging around a purse for that. 

2. A flat-brimmed hat: Flower crowns are being replaced en masse by this pretty-yet-practical topper, because in addition to its instant bohemian-chic style, it provides an extra layer of sun protection. 

3. A retro/vintage tee: Embrace the vibe and seize the opportunity to express yourself in a super-soft tee with a happy-go-lucky slogan. Why not? 

4. Practical footwear: Boots are the quintessential go-to – they provide both comfort and protection – but whatever you do, don’t be the hero who tries to brave wedges. (Trust me, you’ll look AND feel ridiculous by the end of the day.)


5. SPF chapstick, face wipes, sunscreen: Both the appeal and the downfall of summer music festivals is that they’re outdoors, meaning you’re exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. You only get one skin – take care of it! 

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Kathie M. Blackburn - August 31, 2018

Saw your ad in cowboys and Indians. Great clothing!!!!

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