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July 20, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

I’ve long since wanted to do a Giant-inspired collection. The film has always been atop my list of all-time favorite movies, but it also evokes emotion and nostalgia in me. Growing up, Daddy teasingly (and lovingly) called me “Luz”, because I was proud and protective of the ranch, and because I might’ve been a boss long before I led a company.

But Giant is a classic. It’s an epic. It’s Texas’ Gone with the Wind. And you simply can’t mess with a classic; you can’t recreate it and you certainly can’t top it. As I dove in, I realized I didn’t want to: the actual costumes wouldn’t resonate with my customers. We had to rethink it and make it our own. So, I flipped the lens through which I was envisioning the pieces and the process. Rather than what was on the screen driving what came out on my sketchpad, I imagined and created as if Double D Ranch was designing the costumes, dressing these characters and their Giant (pun intended) personalities.


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Bev Tomlin
Bev Tomlin

November 03, 2019


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