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July 20, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

If you haven’t seen Giant, you should. It has EVERYTHING.

It’s got Rock Hudson, it’s got Liz Taylor, it’s got James freaking Dean. *swoon* (Fun fact: it’s the last film he ever made.)

It’s got old money and new money, it’s got grit and glamour, it’s got privilege and humility.

It bucks family traditions, it disrupts social structures, and it defiantly challenges cultural injustices. It proves money can’t buy happiness.

It has family feuds, and fistfights, and oh my word, does it have fashion.

Giant was the inspiration behind this fall’s collections. Not only does it embody so much of the Western vibe we so adore, but it also takes you on a journey with the characters. Throughout their evolvement, you love them and hate them and back again, but somewhere along the way, you identify with them.

Alamy stock photo

Giant is so chock-full of characters and themes that it gave us design fuel for an entire collection, and we hope to do it justice. We’ve broken it down to mini-collections, the first of which is this one: The Wildcatter, an ode to Jett Rink and James Dean.

It features a heavy presence of denim and up-styled versions of workwear, it plays with prairie prints, and it premieres a collection of one-of-a-kind quilt jackets.

Wildcatter is heavily influenced by Jett Rink but also channels a character that lives within all of the Double D Ranch tribe.

You don’t fit in the “box”. You’re not out to break rules, but you’re sure as hell not abiding by everyone else’s “just because”. You’ve got a vision for your life and maybe a rogue way of getting there — one that may not make a lick of sense to anyone else, and you know what? It doesn’t have to.

You’re not all that concerned with the Haves and the Have Nots, but you know where you stand, you know your worth, and you know where you’re headed. And by God, you’re gonna show them all.


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Sarah Votaw
Sarah Votaw

November 03, 2019

Love this! One of the most epic lines DDR has done ever! Love the attitude! “Outside of the box!” That’s how I feel when I wear DDR
Don’t box me in!! 🤠❤️🥰💃👌

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