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January 14, 2024 4 min read 1 Comment

We had a hoot trying out Doc Brown's new Effie Jewel bourbon with y'all at Ft Worth this weekend! We were so inspired by Paige and Amy's entrepreneurial story of how they're taking over the male-dominated world of distilling, that we just had to ask them some more questions about it all…

Y’all call yourselves the boss ladies of bourbon, which we love! Have women in your family always been involved in the distilling industry?

No, it’s actually quite the opposite. We both grew up in small rural farming communities and church was a major part of our lives, and those sweet little baptist churches didn’t smile upon ‘drinking’ so our mothers and grandmothers were more ‘church lady’ish’ than whiskey aficionados.

As we entered the corp world in our different careers, it exposed us to really good food and good spirits. We both love a good glass of wine with dinner as much as we do a good Old Fashioned or pour of bourbon. Our faith is still a HUGE part of who we are and we’ve found that great balance of ‘loving Jesus and drinking a little bit’...

What inspired you to get started?

Reading a Garden and Gun article about growing NON-GMO corn prompted us to give it a whirl and grow it on our farm - this was a happy accident as we were only going to grow enough corn to put up two barrels for our family, let it sit and age and then give away bottles at special times in our lives, but our distiller had another thought as this corn distills like none other and the profiles are distinctly different. So, we had a family ‘meeting’ and decided we would become ‘Bourbon Farmers’ and grow our crops responsibly and sustainably and make some dang good bourbon…… and here we are!!!

Why whiskey?

We chose whiskey, specifically bourbon, because it’s America’s only native spirit and in the whiskey world not a lot of folks use heritage grains and traditional farming methods. We call it Radically Traditional Bourbon and we three love whiskey so why not produce what you love.

What makes your spirit different?

The biggest difference is the corn. Jimmy Red Corn is not edible straight off the cob as it must be dehydrated to extract the flavor and high oil content. It's those unique flavors and high oil content that distills this bourbon differently than a basic yellow or white GMO corn. You will get nutty and sweet notes from the corn and the oil provides a creamy rich mouthfeel on the finish.  

Have you faced much criticism from men in the industry or has the response been welcoming?

No, not at all. We’ve been welcomed into this industry with such kindness by everyone, and we really lean on the knowledge and expertise of the men in our life, who are in the industry, to help guide us and navigate the unknown. From the retailers to the folks at the distribution center to our consultant and then to our fabulous Master Distiller, all have welcomed us!

What’s one thing most people don’t know about bourbon?

Bourbon is America’s only native spirit. May 4,1964 Congress resolved that bourbon is "a distinctive product of the United States” and no whiskey made outside of the US can be designated as Bourbon so, we are proud American Farmers making America’s Only Native Spirit – Bourbon!!

Favorite whiskey cocktail?

A really good old fashioned.

Favorite place to have a drink?

On the farm with our family and friends. Our house faces due west so from our rocking chairs we watch the most amazing sunsets over the cornfields, always with a pour of our bourbon, or a glass of wine, in hand…

Which famous body lady would you love to share a bottle of whiskey with?

Oh, Dolly Parton for sure. I’m not sure she even drinks whiskey but my goodness the good she has done on this earth with her success, her money and her influence.

If your Effie Jewel whiskey was a real woman, what DDR piece would she wear?

Effie Jewel was our great aunt who was full of energy. No obstacle stood in her way and she was hard working but wanted to be in style….so, her DDR pieces would be a combo of the following:

Earn Your Spurs Jacket - Lainey Wilson said it best, “if you are a dreamer you’d better be a doer”. Effie was a doer and earned her spurs, nothing was handed to her, nor is it us.

Saddle Up Buttercup Skirt – No whining in this biz!!

Bull By The Horns Top – We actually described Effie that way on our website!! She grabbed life and rode it with the best of them.  

Truly Boots - She'd say hold true to your standards and values no matter what folks around you are doing.  

1 Response

Elaine Cummings
Elaine Cummings

February 14, 2024

At my age (92), I don’t drink much of anything, anymore, but bourbon was my choice, going back 60 or 70 years. Friends who drank Scotch (yuck) thought I was ‘certifiable!’ I was a writer/designer, so I totally love your promo and the ‘spirit’ of “Auntie” (an old gal after my own heart), the historical ‘corny’ story (who knew), and your version of a bourbon fashion statement! You go, girls! Cheers!

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