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September 24, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

“My wife could back a wagon through the doors of a saloon. She’ll be fine.”

– James Dutton, 1883

And that’s just one of a million reasons we admire and revere Mrs. Margaret Dutton. In a lot of ways, that wagon is a metaphor for her family and an allusion to her adaptability, perseverance, and will – and skill – to survive. You rarely see her separated from it, it houses everything that matters to her in this world, and her most momentous conversations seem to happen when she’s perched on the box seat or propped against a wheel.


So, you might imagine our star-stuck splendor when we learned we’d be granted access to the real deal, the actual prop that served as Margaret’s wagon during the filming of 1883 which so heavily influenced and inspired this collection. It sounds a bit strange to be in awe of an inanimate object, but it had such a powerful presence, and in proximity to it, this wagon represented so much more than wood and wheels.

Curious how we procured such a prominent prop? Well, we owe a little tip o’ the cap to our good friend Carla Curry, and the brains behind The Buggy Barn, Dennis Moore. Read more about him and his famous fleet in Subtle Star Power.

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John Schaffer
John Schaffer

September 28, 2023

Mrs. Margaret Dutton had a beautiful saddle as well. Sawtooth Saddle Company?

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