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September 10, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

“The air was different. With a strange scent of pollen and smoke, like burning flowers... It smelled wild. Untamed. It was beautiful.” – Elsa Dutton, 1883

Once in a blue moon, you encounter something so impelling that it becomes a part of you; you consume something so gripping and so powerful that it, in turn, consumes you.

For us, that was 1883. In a league shared only with Lonesome Dove in terms of raw and riveting poignance, the struggle and survival and utmost of all, the evolution of Elsa Dutton, indelibly ignited something within us, a spark that spurred this collection. The moving messages of love and loss and life lessons stirred something in our soul, and the aesthetic of the era started the wagon wheels turning in the design-oriented areas of our mind. The anomalous accoutrements of the Eastern European immigrants, the penchant for practicality and resourcefulness to the point of rebellion, and the collaboration of cultures in the quest for a common ground.

The amalgamation of influence resulted in an array as diverse as those dusty travelers, from pretty petticoats and prairie prints to durable, decorated denims. The Untamed Territory collection embraces the cowboys’ ruggedness and the romance of the Romani wares, the elegance of a proper lady and the grit of a come-by-it-honestly cowgirl. It’s a celebration of the strength that binds us together and the style that sets us apart.

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September 16, 2023

I LOVE this collection! Bravo’ !!!

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