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September 10, 2023 1 min read

Part of the undercurrent of the Fall 2023 collections is Plays Well with Others, and there is no one we’d rather play make-believe with than ubiquitous set decorator and unrivaled visionary Carla Curry.

If the name sounds familiar, it should. She’s been near and dear to DDR for decades, and while we may consider that our claim to fame, hers can be found in the credits as the set decorator of revered Western works such as All the Pretty Horses, Godless, Crazy Heart, and perhaps most notably, the entire Taylor Sheridan franchise, from Yellowstone to the inspirational impetus behind this collection, 1883.

What’s a feather in the cap for Carla is an ace in the hole for us. Cheryl tends to have what we refer to in-house as an “impossible imagination” that often outsizes our extensive cache of props and almost always outsizes our budget; we are beyond blessed to be able to bring in the big guns and call on Carla, her partner-in-creative-crime. Not only did she have an inherent understanding of the 1883-esque aesthetic we were aiming to establish, she had unique access to key elements to make it just so. And with unparalleled efficiency, too – in the time it took for us to make over our models, Carla had transported us in time to the Oregon Trail, real wagons and all.

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