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September 10, 2023 1 min read

Rich hues, richer texture, and even richer history, there is something inexplicably romantic about a Romani bag. The size is practical, the shape has personality, and of course, their signature is that unmistakable, irresistible, carpet-pile fabric. Finding yours is akin to choosing a piece of artwork, as if you’re toting around your own pretty piece of a Persian rug or a one-of-a-kind fragment of hand-embroidered textile; something about it speaks to you and each design is as unique as the person carrying it.

Personally, we can’t hear the term ‘carpet bag’ without thinking about Mary Poppins’ magic bag – “For carrying carpet?” “Nope. Made of.” – and while that one is certainly iconic, the whole carpet bag vibe is just a small portion of the whole aesthetic that we admire and were inspired by.

“I think color is a key factor,” Cheryl explained. “Not necessarily even vibrant or bright, just the use of a lot of colors, the complexity of the combination; that’s a consistent component when you picture one or spot one. A lot of times they’re a tote, a slouchy shoulder bag, or even a bucket bag, but not always. And texture, that’s another element that’s associated with this whole genre, whether it’s the fabric itself or it’s multi-layered applique, like the bags we discovered to capture this essence and accompany the Untamed Territory collection.”

These limited-edition totes are colorful contemporary creations that achieve a unique interpretation of the aesthetic, but with a twist of twang in the leather frames and fringe that speak to the DDR vibe!

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