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November 05, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

Inspiration is everywhere. It can be hanging on your wall, at the foot of your bed, or it might even be right beneath your feet.

We’ve long been drawn to the loomed look of a rug and the unique aesthetic that weaves bring to a textile, particularly out of conventional context. Give us a camp-style blanket turned coat, a Navajo woven as wall art, or in this case, a kilim carpet inspired duster.

The word kilim is of Turkish origin, and likewise, the technique is commonly closely associated with Turkey and surrounding regions. We could get really in the weeds about warps and wefts, but in layman’s terms, one of the things that categorizes kilim rugs in a class all their own (rather than say, alongside orientals) is that it’s a flatweave. During our trip abroad this summer, we spent some time in Turkey, meandering through the markets utterly in awe and returned home overwhelmed with inspiration for implementing it in an unexpected way.

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Barbara Dryer
Barbara Dryer

November 06, 2023

Beautiful coats, but I don’t see any prices!!

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