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November 05, 2023 1 min read

Come with us on a quest to honor the Old Country.

It’s not truly an ode to a particular place. It’s more an homage to a state of mind, to days of yore, and a fond yearning for the luxury of life left behind. It’s a fanciful fantasy of sorts, dressing up in a destiny that wasn’t dealt us.  

The overall aesthetic has evident influence of Eastern European, reminiscent of Romani romanticism, and even subtle nods to the immigrants of 1883 along the westbound wagon trail. The colors are rich and saturated, the silhouettes are romantic yet bordering on bohemian, and the embellishments carry an air of opulence. Silk scarves, lace dresses, and a presence of paisley on posh velvets, it’s almost like finding a treasure trove in the trunks that couldn’t make the trek.

Because we all come from somewhere, and most of us came from elsewhere, and we’re only seated in our stations today through the sake of someone’s sacrifice along the way.

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