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Mad About Maudie

Mad About Maudie


Navy is nailing it this season!

People tend to think of darker colors for the winter months, but navy definitely defies that thinking. It’s long worked in the mid-year months because it’s carried by the whole “nautical” thing, but this year, it is summer’s it color.

And let me tell ya: we are here for it! The Baja Bloomed top, the Estella top and pants… they all give you that “want to wear it right now!” kind of vibe.

But the absolute show-stealer this summer? The Maudie! Whether you go with the workshirt or the dress (or both!), it may become your new favorite. The white horseshoe pattern on a background of navy, with just a little bit of white contrast piping accent, is perfect for every barbecue, parade, or vacation you’ve got lined up this summer!

Why’s it called “The Maudie”, you ask? Well, cute story, actually. Our CEO, Audrey, has always affectionately been called Audie as a nickname. When grandkids came into the picture, they called her Ma Audie, which morphed into Maudie and stuck. And you guessed it – her favorite color is navy.

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Carina Spies - November 3, 2019

I have always loved navy as a staple colour! Your story is heartwarming! Beautiful! Love the whole Ma Audy ( Maudie) idea!! ❤

Mari Montgomery - November 3, 2019

It’s fun to feel like you have the “inside scoop.” I really love how we (addicts) can feel part of the pack and the process. Thanks for that!

Lisa Hurd - November 3, 2019

I love navy! I love my new Maudie top! Great styling as always.
I do need some navy boots to match. Hint hint.

Cheryl Reader - November 3, 2019

I love how you honor your family with your designs. Such a sweet story!

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