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March 20, 2022 2 min read

If you ask us, rules are nothing but restrictions, and there really is no place for that in fashion and personal style. We’re always pushing the envelope, but this season, we’re really blurring the boundaries when it comes to concepting color.

“A lot of times in design, we work with complementary colors, colors on opposite sides of the color wheel,” Cheryl explained. “That provides a pop and a boldness via contrast. But in this collection, we’re pairing a lot of analogous colors – colors adjacent on the spectrum – which are harmonious, but the intensitywe used with those analogous colors is what makes them pop and be interesting. We’ve done a lot of that in Folk Foray, blues up against greens and teals, and perhaps the most daring pairing: pink and orange. I jokingly call it ‘cramming colors together’, but really, it works when you step back and look at it.”

And the result is, well, in a word: happy. That’s the whole point of this collection, to put a smile on your face and a pep in your step.

“You know, that’s the funny thing about fashion,” Cheryl said. “When we do something bold, it is, in turn, emboldening. Think about it. Your average person probably isn’t going to go into their closet and pick out a hot pink top to pair with a vibrant orange skirt, right? But when we bring them together for you, like the Bibi dip-dye or the Runaway Dress, it’s like giving you the thumbs up to double-down on bright and bold.”

You don’t need our permission, but you dang sure have our encouragement. Live life out loud. Show up and show out. Be impossible to ignore. And never let anyone tell you you’re “too much”.

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