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John Johnson: Giant Comes Full Circle

John Johnson: Giant Comes Full Circle


When we were shooting the Giant collection, we spotted a vintage red Ford pick-up truck in gorgeous condition that we were hopeful to incorporate into the catalog. Turns out, it belongs to a darling and benevolent local man (who channels a bit of a Sam Elliot vibe, if we dare to say so) who was wonderfully willing to oblige.

This generous gentleman was John Johnson. The more we got to converse with him and explain what it was we were doing, the more we discovered how beautifully fortuitous – and borderline meta – this chance encounter was. Mr. Johnson was present during the filming of Giant when he was but a teen, and has some first-hand memories of behind-the-scenes shenanigans that occurred between takes and the impact it made on him.

Get your own red truck look:

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K.Brooks - November 3, 2019

Is that a 1956 FORD ? " My DREAM TRUCK ’ …….. On my Bucket list ! John Johnson, if you ever want to Sell it !? :-) P.S. NOT Sam Elliot..
,,,,More like a Very Good looking " ED HARRIS" ! :-)

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