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Influencers We Love: Jessie Jarvis

Influencers We Love: Jessie Jarvis


Jessie Jarvis is one busy lady. She runs a cattle ranch, works part-time with Boutique Hub (a multi-faceted digital media company that connects boutique owners, buyers, and influencers from around the United States and Canada), publishes the magazine “Western Runway” at NFR, chases around her one-year-old son, Jhett, and is an accidental influencer with a growing following. We told her we would only need to talk for 15 minutes, and half an hour later, we felt like we just started to peel back the layers.

If you ask her, Jessie will say she’s pretty surprised about her following on Instagram, as she’s just a “normal girl.” But to a lot of her followers, she’s authentic and inspiring. “I am very lifestyle oriented and want people to get to know me. One of my biggest things is that I don’t want people to meet me in person and think ‘Gosh, that was not what I was expecting.’”

That’s why you will find her posting about not just fashion but also life on the ranch, being a mom, and other adventures. Jessie’s original intention with Instagram was to share her life without worrying about becoming an influencer. It took almost seven years for her to amass her following, and my impression is she sees it as her responsibility to be genuine. “I’ve met people I looked up to in life, and I have sometimes been severely disappointed. I don’t want to be like that for someone else.”

As her popularity has grown, brands have taken notice and asked her to wear their clothing. “I have probably said no ten times more often than I’ve said yes,” Jessie said. “And it’s not the fault of the brand. I want to stay true to myself and my style. I have no desire to be an influencer just to promote things to make money.”

Double D Ranch is one of the lucky ones because Jessie has always been a fan. “Double D is timeless and classic, and I feel that is like my overall personal style. I like trendy aspects, but at the end of the day, I want things in my closet that I can wear today, next week, next year, and five years from now. Nothing says that more than Double D Ranch.”

A member of our addiction Facebook group, Jessie says she loves how women of all walks of life feel amazing in our looks. “Seeing those women who have twenty pairs of boots or fifteen biker jackets—it’s not just a brand of clothes. It’s a lifestyle, in a way. I think when women buy a piece from Double D, it makes them feel beautiful, and it makes them think of the history and all the work that’s put into it.”

“If you think about it, Double D Ranch was one of the first high-end Western brands when high-end Western wear wasn't necessarily a thing. And the fact that they have maintained their mission over the last 30 years and never really wavered from that—I think that says a lot about them.”


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Mrs. A.J. Millington - June 17, 2019

BTW, when will you be bringing your other model Lauren back? I miss seeing her in your photo shoots, love her long wavy hair and the way she rocks your clothes. Look forward to seeing what DDR comes up with for Fall 2019!

Mrs. A.J. Millington - June 17, 2019

With regard to Jessie Jarvis’s comments about fashion, I totally agree. I am a mountain cowgirl/business owner of a busy real estate investment company. In addition, I am a wife and pet mom to 2 beautiful felines. The only “look” I’d say I don’t like is pairing ankle boots with a short dress. While that look may appeal to others, it doesn’t work for me. An older woman (in my early 60s), I pair my ankle boots with leggings or skinny jeans for a sleeker look. Double D Ranchwear keeps my closet in top form and each look I pull together with lots of turquoise jewelry forms my personal style.

Carina Spies - June 17, 2019

This is such a fantastic profile and an iconic brand! I am quite taken aback that I cannot partake in buying some pieces, because my currency is sò low! The connection, however is priceless!

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