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June 28, 2024 1 min read

Whether a Saturday night out on the town for you entails a swanky steakhouse and couture cocktails or taking spins around a sawdust-sprinkled floor in a divey dancehall, one thing’s for sure – the attire is taking a turn toward twang.

Lainey Wilson famously sings that “country’s cool again”, and that sentiment certainly reverberates from the runways right now. Denim is nothing new, of course, but so much else that is making its way to mainstream has roots in what would’ve once been considered the far-Western fringe of fashion. Think Nudie Cohen-inspired suits, an uptick in the incorporation of Western welts, velvets in year-round silhouettes, and fringe on almost everything imaginable. And accessories aren’t exempt from the Western wave: bling is back in a big way, whether it’s rhinestone details or draping diamonds among your desert pearls; trophy buckles, particularly vintage ones, are hugely in demand; and, if you haven’t noticed, cowboy boots are no longer relegated to the rodeo – you can hardly swing a lasso without hittin’ a pair, on everyone from the hipsters to the high-falutin.

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