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June 28, 2024 2 min read

It’s a tale as old as time, and anybody with sisters even remotely close in age knows the struggle of the Wardrobe Wars– ‘That’s mine!’ ‘Did I say you could borrow that?’ ‘I was gonna wear that tonight!’

Well, it’s not quite all that dramatic these days, but we did have to laugh at all the ‘DIBS!’ing that went on for the summer’s sparkliest showstopper.

“What I love about the Big Sky Dress is that we succeeded in creating something universal,” Cheryl explained. “The Big Sky Dress is as darling on Presley as it is on Hedy, despite them obviously being different generations, different body types, and just in different phases of fashion. But not only that, it’s a short-sleeved velvet so you can wear it all year round, and you can style it for day or for night. No one looks out of place in it.”

It turns out, when you make something that works on everyone, everyone wants it!

“This is so absolutely beautiful, it’s one of my favorite pieces in the collection,” said Hedy. “But y’all know I like dresses. I can’t decide which color, I think I want to go green, but I have to wait and let Presley do her pick and then I’ll go.”

That’s sure a testament to how much she adores her daughter – notice she didn’t say anything about seeing which one her sisters wanted first! Well, that got us giggling about the pecking order of picking colors, because we all already had it in mind to wear to the Addiction Meetup in July!

“You WILL be seeing me in this at the Addiction party,” Hedy said. “I’m not sure which color, it’ll be a surprise!”

“Well, I’m wearing Jam!” Audrey claimed.

Here’s hoping they’ll even make good on their promise of each showing up in a different color and recreating their Charlie’s Angels Halloween pic!

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