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May 07, 2023 1 min read

May is arguably one of the happiest months of the year – the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, summer’s just around the corner, and it’s bookended by fun days like Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day. Well, we’re giving you one more reason to be merry this month: A SALE!

Who doesn’t love stocking up on style and saving at the same time? We can’t prove it, but our own experience says some things just fit better when they’re 50% off! If you’ve been on the fence – or having some serious non-buyer’s remorse – about anything Eloise, Walker, Chili Patine, or Little Mary, now is the time to get that clicker finger fired up to “Add to Cart”! Speaking of… remember that it’s not truly yours until you’ve completed the purchase, so make sure all your account info is up to date so you don’t risk having something stolen from your cart while you handle a hiccup at checkout!

As always, a few exclusions apply (sorry, sisters, that Hondo Vest will never be on sale) but not very many, so this is definitely a sale worth shopping.

You know how DDR sales go, something might be there one second and gone the next, so if you see it in your size, you better snag it! After all, half off means you can get twice as much, right? That’s just basic #ShoppingMath!

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